Bunkers Supplies at AZORES ISLANDS


THE AZORES ARCHIPELAGO has become a key of bunkering point geographically very well situated in the Central Atlantic North just in the main routes between Europe and Americas 

Taking advantage of our brokerage position within the local fuel market mainly on Gasoil (GO) business we are in good position to offer our competitive prices and conditions to supply your vessel whenever needing to call Azorean Ports for bunkers and/or for any other purposes.



Local main Ports for Gasoil (GO) supplies are: 

Ponta Delgada @ (St.Michael’s Island)

Products available;

- (LSMGO) Low Sulphur Mineral Gasoil 

- (LSAGO) Low Sulphur Automotive Gasoil

Horta @ (Faial Island)

Product available:

- (LSAGO) Low Sulphur Automotive Gasoil

Praia da Vitoria @ (Terceira Island)

Product available:

- (LSAGO) Low Sulphur Automotive Gasoil

Local Ports for IFO supplies: 

Ponta Delgada @ (St.Michael’s Island) & Praia da Vitória @ (Terceira Island)
IFO grade available is of 380cst). Supply of IFO is always subject to local availabilities at the time of the vessel’s arrival.

Means of supply:

By pipe ex-quay. No barges are available at this end.



Alternatively we can supply the LSAGO by truck-tank (at all ports) and/or to use the service of local hired tug to transport/supply the vessel with Gasoil (GO) at outer roads, which service is always subject to the weather permitting and local Authority permission at the time of the vessel’s arrival.

We can also offer lubricants, ship agency services at very competitive calling costs.
The clients may rest assured that our company will protect your interest locally and that our bunkers supplies services is working separately from the other agency services according to the instructions received from our customers.

You can count: with:
• Prompt on-time deliveries
• High quality bunker & lubricant products
• Compliance with Marpol 7378 Annex VI and ISO 8217 2005 standards
• Reliable and professional service

Kindly contact your local trader/broker for your enquiries or contact us

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